McGavock Supply Lists

Students - What You Need This Year

School Supply List

These are suggested supplies for the 2023-24 school year. Follow steps 1-4 to be ready for success at McGavock for 2023-24!
If you are a freshman, sophomore, or senior, deciding on an organization system below will be required. Juniors, we highly recommend doing this, but it is not yet required unless you are in AVID.

Step 1: Select Your Organization System.

Each student should select an organization system that works for them. This system will be their preferred method of organizing their notes, handouts, tasks, and assignments. Students should select only one of these options or a combination of these to create their own system:

One Binder for all classes

Two Binders, one each for A and B days

Small Binder and a separate notebook for each class

One folder and notebook for each of the 8 classes (use 8 different colors for better organization)

Digital eBinder - you'll need your charged school laptop to use this in each class

Step 2: Select Your Planner System

Paper planner - can be daily, weekly, or monthly

Digital planner - use a phone or app/add a calendar to your OneNote eBinder


Step 3: Buy Your Organization System Supplies

Based on your choices on the previous page, buy only what you need from the column of your choice organization system.

Supply List for One Binder

o One 2-3 inch binder with pockets
o 8 Dividers
o Loose Leaf Paper

Tip: Buy with pockets if you want easy file storage!

Supply List for 2 Binders

o Two 2 inch binders with pockets
o 8 dividers
o Loose Leaf Paper

Tip: Buy with pockets if you want easy file storage!

Supply List for 1 Small Binder and 8 notebooks

o One 1-2 Inch Binder
o 8 Notebooks

Tip: Buy a smaller binder if you choose this option. 

Supply List for 8 Folders/8 Notebooks

o 8 Folders with prongs AND pockets

o 8 Notebooks

Tip: Have these match by color to help your mental organization!

Digital eBinder Supply List

 o You will need a district provided laptop for an eBinder to take notes

Tip: Make sure your laptop is charged each night to help your consistency with taking notes! We will provide a template at orientation.

Step 4: Buy all other supplies

All students will also need to purchase these supplies:

o Planner, if you chose something different than the McGavock High Planner
o Pencils
o Pens – Blue, Red, Black
o Different Color Highlighters
o Pencil Bag
These items are encouraged, but not required:
 White Out
 Cheap earbuds for class use
 Glue sticks
 Post it Notes

McGavock Supply Lists - BW Print Final.docx