Dress Code

Raiders Dress Code

All students are in an academic environment and should dress accordingly. All students should wear school appropriate attire every day. Notice of any special day exceptions to this policy will be communicated with homes and families in advance. The dress code for McGavock is relaxed and offers freedom of expression. We do have specific expectations and the progressive discipline process that will be followed when expectations are not met listed below.


· Cannot be ripped or torn

· Undershirts, camisoles, tank tops, tube tops, or crop tops worn as primary shirts are not allowed. These may be worn under a primary shirt; the shirt remains buttoned or zipped at all times

· Cannot exhibit inappropriate comments, statements, or graphics. This includes but not limited to drugs of any kind, drug paraphernalia of any kind, alcohol, tobacco products ,vaping products, offensive language, gang related, racial slurs, etc.

· Cannot below-cut, midriff-revealing an overly baggy shirt (due to safety reasons)

· Cannot be made of a see-through material of any kind


· Cannot contain holes, rips, or tears above the knees

· Pajamas are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to fleece pants, lounge pants, or onesies

· Leggings or yoga pants are not allowed unless under a shirt dress

· No sagging below the waist

· Cut-offs are not allowed

· No see-through material of any kind


· No heavy coats during the school day

· No type of hat or headwear (This includes hoodies on head)

· No Sagging: loose pants should be held up with belts.

· Underclothing should not be seen

· No Hats and or Beanies/toboggans or ski masks

· No Hair bonnets

· No House shoes

· No Bandanas/sunglasses (Bandanas and sunglasses will be confiscated)

· No Blankets of any kind

· No Pillows or stuffed animals