Dress Code

Raiders Dress Code

Students will be engaging with community and business partners consistently.

How a student dresses communicates how they want to be seen.

Opportunities can be lost because a student is not dressed for the occasion.

Dress for YOUR success!



  • Undershirts, camisoles, tank tops, tube tops, or crop tops worn as primary shirts are not allowed. These may be worn under a primary shirt; the shirt remains buttoned or zipped at all times
  • Cannot exhibit inappropriate comments, statements, or graphics. This includes but not limited to drugs of any kind, drug paraphernalia of any kind, alcohol, tobacco products ,vaping products, offensive language, gang related, racial slurs, etc.
  • Cannot below-cut, midriff-revealing an overly baggy shirt (due to safety reasons)
  • Cannot be made of a see-through material of any kind



  • Pajamas are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to fleece pants, lounge pants, or onesies.
  • No excessive sagging below the waist line.
  • No see-through material of any kind.
  • Shorts must be visible below the shirt.



  • No hat, toboggans, ski masks, bonnets, or bandanas allowed