Important Dates for Seniors

Graduation 2024 -Senior Need to Know Info

Important information about graduation on this PowerPoint.

  • Graduation is May 18th at 6:00 PM
    • Arrive in line by 4:00 PM dressed and ready to go
    • Please note that all fees must be paid (dues, books, technology, etc) or YOU CANNOT WALK and your diploma and transcripts will be held. 
    • You must attend the graduation rehearsal to be included in the ceremony.
    • We want to pronounce your name correctly, please submit an audio clip of you saying your name
    • Please click here to submit your audio recording of your name
  • Graduation Rehearsal is May 16th, 8:00AM
    • Arrive by 7:30 AM 
    • You must attend to walk at graduation
    • You will receive information about tickets later.
    • You may get there yourself or ride the bus from McGavock. 
    • If you want to ride the bus you must reserve your spot here by May 1st.
  • Cap and Gown pickup is Friday, April 26th
    •  Still need to pay for cap and gown that was ordered? Then Click here to pay off Cap and Gown balance
    • Students must contact Herff Jones at 615-329-2504 to purchase a cap and gown.
    • If you have not paid yet, you will need to make your own arrangements for pickup.
    • If you do NOT purchase a cap and gown, you will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.
  • Graduation Regalia
    • Wearing regalia such as stoles, cords, medals, etc. (anything in addition to cap and gown) must be assigned through the school from a club. If you cannot follow the cap, gown, and regalia regulations you will NOT be allowed to walk at the ceremony. McGavock security will not allow you onto the floor per Principal Jackson.
    • The school organizations, clubs, teams with approved regalia will be updated and posted later. 
    • Gowns and Caps are NOT to be altered. This includes cap decoration, cutting the gown, glittering on it, etc. 
    • Students will not be allowed to carry purses, backpacks, etc., on graduation day during the ceremony. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of personal property.
  • Graduation Attire 
    • Students are required to wear a black dress or black slacks with a white shirt. All shoes must be black. Any student wearing heels must be able to walk long distances comfortably without assistance. Optional: black tie / black bowtie
  • Tickets for family and friends
    • According to MNPS Policy, each high school graduate may invite ten guests to the graduation ceremony. Tickets will be provided for all guests. A ticket is required for all guests two years of age or older.
    • You will receive tickets at graduation rehearsal.
  • Streaming of Graduation Ceremony
    • All MNPS high school graduations will be streamed for graduate families and friends.
  • Senior Activities, Exams, and Requirements
    • May 3rd Prom Prom Information
    • Senior Exams May 9 -14
    • Edgenuity Last day: May 10th 
    • May 6th – 9th: Notification of exemptions
    • May 9th – 3B and 4B Exams
    • May 10th- 3A and 4A Exams
    • May 13th - 1B and 2B Exams
    • May 14th - 1A and 2A Exams
    • Exemption Info 
      o Senior absences for exemption count through review days. Even exempt seniors must attend review days. 
      o If you are exempt, you are not required to be in the building. You may NOT walk around the building. You will be required to attend your classes.
    • Senior Slideshow, submit now through May 10
      • The senior slideshow will play at Senior Awards night, in the hallways, and be put on YouTube so you can keep watching it forever. Make sure to fill out the release and add your photo to the slideshow.
      • Submissions: Senior Video/Slideshow
    • Senior Memory Book
      • Shipped over the summer to your address on file.
      • Make sure you have an updated address
      • To update your address, bring proof of residence (utility with address, etc.) to your academy office
    • Senior Laptop Return - Deadline: May 14
      • All graduating senior devices must be returned. If the device is not returned, the student will be charged the following.

        Laptop: $209
        Charger: $16
        LCD Screen Replacement: $42
        Keyboard Replacement: $18
        Hotspot: $261
      • If the device is not returned and payment not received, transcripts and diplomas will be held until payment is received. Payment can be made on SchoolCashOnline and the emailed receipt shown to the school office. 
    • Senior Fees (books, instruments, etc.) - May 14th deadline
      • All outstanding fees need to be paid prior to May 14th.
    • Senior Week Activities - May 14-17th
      • May 14 - Senior brunch, t-shirt, picture, slideshow, parade, and kickball tournament.
      • May 17 - Senior actitivity event TBA
    • May 15th Evening - Senior Awards Night
      • at 6:00pm
      • Families welcome
      • Students will be notified if they are receiving an award